Monday, December 7, 2009

Why does health care reform mean health insurance reform??

I was dealing with a few of my clients recently. Different charges, sometimes outrageous, and I need to know why.

A month ago I had a client who gave birth, nothing unusual about that. The client was billed $14,000 for an epidural. That is right, when I tried to protest it, they said that is what we charge. The insurance companies pay what they consider to be a reasonable amount. The company in question paid $4500, which I think is reasonable. The insurance companies are under attack daily with the democrats and republicans and the lobbiest. Does anyone else think $14,000 was a bit too much.

Another client had an MRI done, it costs $2000, the insurance company eventually paid it, but initially paid $900 which is what they thought was reasonable. I have seen MRI's as low as about $750 and as high as $2300. They do the same thing, why the descrepancy??

Maybe we need to reform what can be charged for services. Or at least have it publized like when you go to the grocery store. The cost of this test is $650. You could then call your insurance carrier and determine if you want to have the test done there.

In the hospital, you have no power there as a consumer, perhaps they could only be allowed to collect reasonable charges??

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More on health care reform

As you can imagine, I follow the health care reform issues very closely. I probably read no less than 5 articles per day and sometimes more. Here is a big one that has surfaced over the last week. Advocates of Government run health care believe that Americans get too many Mammograms, and in the health care bill that recently passed the Senate vote, it states that no benefits will be paid for Mammograms for women under age 50. This is on the PUBLIC OPTION only, all health insurance companies, still say they will continue to cover these expenses.

What is being missed here is that in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and the reformers do not seem to realize is that America has the highest cancer survival rates in the world. As far as this writer and voter can see, SCREENING SAVES LIVES.

The other major issue with the health care bill ( there are many issues, but one that is not being talked about, is that they say you can keep your current insurance. What they do not tell you, is written on page 92, is that it will not be legal to purchase private insurance. Therefore, if your private carrier increases your premium, you have two choices, pay the premium or go to the government option.

Call your Congressmen or Congresswomen and tell them this is wrong.

Eric Wilson is an insurance agent in the Chicago area.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This week a new version of the health care reform bill went to the House of Represenatives. It is 1900 pages long, the Representatives have until Monday to revise it, then vote on it. I have just started reading it. BUT TWO THINGS THAT HAD BEEN ELIMINATED FOUND THEMSELVES BACK, burried into the plan. I am only about 200 pages into it, but on PAGE 92. It again becomes illegal to buy PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE. They keep saying, you can keep your insurance, which is correct, but if PRIVATE INSURANCE cannot sell anymore, it will eventually go away. The public option is also back, creating Government Run healthcare. Please call your Congressmen. This is the begining of Socialism. To quote the song.." its the end of the world as we know it".

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They are still getting it wrong

I was reading today an article in the Washington (state) Chronicle. It was talking about the bill in the Senate now that requires businesses with more that 50 employees to provide health insurance. This is the problem with the health care system. Why does the system tie insurance to your job? Why is it your company's job to insure you. We should not be telling business that they need to provide health benefits. It has always been a way to recruit employees, a nice perk so to speak. Here lies the problem, you end up with a job you hate, but you work there for the health benefits. I did for years. I had a job, I liked, but did not like the twelve to fourteen hours a day, that I had to work to make the money I wanted to make, I hated my boss. I stayed there because they had a great health insurance plan. Then the company downsizes, I am gone with no health insurance. Now in one respect, I was thrilled because the working conditons were not great ( I liked the job, just not the conditions around it). I had thought about leaving the company for probably two years, but could not because of the health insurance. I at the time did not know you could get health insurance privately. I thought you had to be self-employed.

Now let's take this a step further. If everyone has to buy private insurance when they get off their parents policy, say when you are 22 years old. Most people are healthy at that point. So most people would medically qualify. Have an OPEN ENROLLMENT period on your 19th birthday for those who do not attend college, and one at 22 when you do attend college so you qualify. Make the system that if you enroll at that time, and keep coverage, you can never be denied. If you choose not to, then you can be denied. ( if they make this mandatory, you would not have the choice).

I can fix the health care system if anyone is listening.

Eric Wilson is a health insurance broker in the Chicago area. He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does anyone pay attention??

I was reading an article today in the NY TIMES, by a gentleman named John Graham. I have never heard of this guy, but I would like to buy him a drink. HE IS PAYING ATTENTION!!! Mr. Obamba continues to say that it will be illegal for an insurance company to cancel a policyholder because they have a claim. Yes, Mr. GRAHAM, is PAYING ATTENTION. IT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL to do that. I am an insurance broker, and I sing that song on a daily basis. On of the companies, I regretfully, used to represent, that was part of their sales pitch, that you cannot be cancelled for claims because they put you in a group plan. Once I found out that they, were misleading the public, I had to leave the company.

Yes, you hear horror stories of policies being rescinded. They are for an applicant not disclosing information on the application. It happens less than one percent of the time, these are the ones you hear about, as that makes the news. What does not make the news, is the insurance company that does pay it claims, and does take care of the policy holder.

I was speaking to a client today. His wife was a breast cancer survivor. Yes, he was looking for a new carrier as his cost had gotten, what in his opinion were to much. His wife was not cancelled, and all of the bills were paid. His Carrier ANTHEM Blue Cross Blue Shield in OHIO, did take care of him and his wife.

Now sadly, no one else will insure his wife until she is five years cancer free. She has been cancer free for four years. If it were my reform bill, I would let them change carriers so long as they kept their insurance in tact.

I would have no problem for the person who never had insurance until they got sick. It would be like buying flood insurance AFTER your house flooded. But, if you had the insurance before the flood, I think you should be able to change carriers.

I also understand that insurance carriers are a business. I used to do consulting, and would not take on a client that was going to cost me money, does not make sense.

So I say to you all always be paying attention. My thanks to John Graham, whoever he is. This one is for you.

Eric Wilson is an insurance broker in Chicago. He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If I were in charge of healthcare reform

Those of you who have followed what I have been saying for years, know I am oposed to the Government in control of really anything. I hate going to the post office and the DMV. I certainly do not want them running my health care system. We need to fix the Medicare system and social security system first.

But since it is a hot topic, let's discuss.

Most of us drive a car. Most states mandate that we carry at least the State minimum car insurance. If you carry collission, towing, car rental that UPGRADES your policy. If you have more assests you need more liability coverage.

What if Health Insurance was mandatory at a "Minimum" Maybe the minimum is a $10,000 deductible catestrophic plan only. I am looking at a plan right now for a 40 year old male in the Chicago area $58 per month.

What if everyone was REQUIRED to purchase at least that. Now if you want to upgrade your insurance to a $1500 Deductible with doctor visits and prescription, that is up to you. The price now jumps to $200 per month, but that is for the coverage that you feel you need.

There is a way to do this where no one really gets hurt, not the hospitals, not those of us who have insurance who pay an average of $1000 per year more to cover the uninsured. And not the tax payer who would be paying for the $ Trillion health care reform we are talking about in Congress. By the way I do not see much difference in $800 billion vs $1 Trillion. Both are a high amount of taxes to be paid for years.

Sometimes common sense is all we need.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Has the Government Considered Trying to Cover the Unisurable??

We keep hearing that there are almost 46 million uninsured Americans. We need to determine the difference between UNINSURED and UNINSURABLE. They are two different things. A special thanks to the US CENSUS BUREAU for the following information. Maybe we can see how our math skills are at the end of this...

10.1 million Americans have an income of $66,000 or more for a family of four, but ELECT to remain uninsured.

9.3 million are NON-CITIZENS and do not pay tax.

6.4 million who are enrolled in Medicate or STATE CHIP plans, but reported to the Census taker that they were not. ( This results in a Medicaid undercount as well).

4.3 million are eligible for Medicaid or S-CHIP, but have not enrolled.

5 million are childless adults, mainly healthy young adults who simply wish not to pay for insurance.

If my math is correct we just accounted for 35.1 million people. That leaves 10.9 million.

10.9 million Americans uninsurable. Now, I agree that we have to find a way to insure them, but 10.9 million is a far cry from 46 million.

I hope we expand coverage in some way to cover those in need, but lets focus on the 10.9 million and not 46 million.

Eric Wilson is an insurance broker in the Chicago Area. He can be reached toll free 888-448-5370. He is licensed in five midwest states.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And if we oppose the Healthcare Reform Bill we are Un-American??

I follow the health care reform on almost a daily basis, incase you, like our members of Congress have not read the Health Care Reform bill, here are the highlights or lowlights. This is why you are seeing the outrage at town hall meetings

Obama Administration’s Health Care Plan

HR 3200 currently under consideration in the House of Representatives
Reviewed, revised and adapted on July 29, 2009, by Liberty Counsel from the original authored by Peter Fleckenstein and posted on and his blog,

• Sec. 113, Pg 21-22 of the Healthcare (HC) Bill MANDATES a government audit of the books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure in order to "ensure that the law does not provide incentives for small and mid-size employers to self-insure"!
• Sec. 122, Pg 29, lines 4-16 - YOUR HEALTHCARE WILL BE RATIONED!
• Sec. 123, Pg 30 - THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE deciding what treatments and benefits you get.
• Sec. 142, Pg 42 - The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your benefits for you. You have no choice!
• Sec. 152, Pg 50-51 - HC will be provided to ALL NON-US citizens.
• Sec. 163, Pg 58-59 beginning at line 5 - government will have real-time access to individual’s finances & a National ID Health care card will be issued!
• Sec. 163, Pg 59, lines 21-24 - government will have direct access to your banks accounts for electronic funds transfer.
• Sec. 164, Pg 65 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions & community organizations (ACORN).
• Sec. 201, Pg 72, Lines 8-14 - government is creating an HC Exchange to bring private

• Sec. 203, Pg 84 - government mandates ALL benefit packages for private Health Care plans in the exchange.
• Sec. 203, Pg 85, Line 7 - Specifications of benefit levels for plans means that the government will define your HC plan and has the ability to ration your healthcare!
• Sec. 205, Pg 95, Lines 8-18 - The government will use groups (i.e., ACORN & AmeriCorps) to "inform and educate" (sign up) individuals for government plan.
• Sec. 205, Pg 102, Lines 12-18 - Medicaid eligible individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. No freedom to choose.
• Sec. 223, Pg 124, Lines 24-25 - No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No "administrative of judicial review" against a government monopoly.
• Sec. 225, Pg 127, Lines 1-16 – Doctors and the government will tell YOU what you can make. "The Secretary shall provide for the annual participation of physicians under the public health insurance option, for which payment may be made for services furnished during the year."
• Sec. 312, Pg 145, Line 15-17 - Employers MUST auto-enroll employees into public option plan.
• Sec. 313, Pg 149, Lines 16-2 - ANY Employer with payroll $400,000 and above who does not provide public option pays 8% tax on all payroll.
• Sec. 313, Pg 150, Lines 9-13 - Businesses with payroll between $251,000 and $400,000 who do not provide public option pay 2-6% tax on all payroll.
• Sec. 401.59B, Pg 167, Lines 18-23 - ANY individual who does not have acceptable care, according to government, will be taxed 2.5% of income.
• Sec.59B, Pg 170 Lines, 1 - Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes. (Americans will pay for their healthcare.)
• Sec. 431, Pg 195, Lines 1-3 - Officers and employees of HC Administration (government) will have access to ALL Americans financial and personal records.
• Sec. 441, Pg 203, Lines 14-15

• Sec. 1121, Pg 239, Line 14-24 – The government will limit and reduce physician services for Medicaid. Seniors, low income and poor are the ones affected.
• Sec. 1121, Pg 241, Line 6-8 - Doctors, it does not matter what specialty you have; you’ll all be paid the same. "Service categories established under this paragraph shall apply without regard to the specialty of the physician furnishing the service."
• Sec. 1122, Pg 253, Line 10-18 – The government "validates relative value unit’s" (sets value of doctor’s) time, professional judgment, methods etc. (defining the value of humans).
• Sec. 1131, Pg 265 - Government mandates and controls productivity for private HC industries. "Incorporating Productivity Improvements into Market Basket Updates that Do Not Already Incorporate Such Improvements."
• Sec. 1141, Pg 268 – The government regulates rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.
• Sec. 1145, Pg 272 - Treatment of certain cancer hospitals: Cancer patients and their treatment are open to rationing!
• Sec. 1151, Page 280 - The government will penalize hospitals for what government deems preventable readmissions. (Incentives for hospital to not treat and release.)
• Sec. 1151, Pg 298, Lines 9-11 - Doctors, treat a patient during initial admission that results in a readmission and the government will penalize you for that action.
• Sec. 1156, Pg 317, Line 13-20 - "PROHIBITION on physician ownership or Investment." government tells doctors what/how much they can own.
• Sec. 1156, Pg 317-318, Lines 21-25, 1-3 - "PROHIBITION on Expansion of Facility Capacity." The government will mandate that hospitals cannot expand ("number of operating rooms or beds").
• Sec. 1156, Pg 321, Lines 2-13—Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception BUT community input required.
• Sec. 1162, Pg 335-339, Lines 16-25 – The government mandates establishment of outcome based measures. Rationing.
• Sec. 1162, Pg 341, Lines 3-9 - The government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans (Part B), HMOs, etc. This will force people into a government plan.

"The Secretary may determine not to identify a Medicare Advantage plan if the Secretary has identified deficiencies in the plan’s compliance with rules for such plans under this part."
• Sec. 1177, Pg 354 - Government will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs people! "Extension of Authority of Special Needs Plans to Restrict Enrollment."
• Sec. 1191, Pg 379 - Government creates more bureaucracy – "Telehealth Advisory Committee." HC by phone or the Internet – dial 1 for your healthcare advise?
• Sec. 1233, Pg 425, Lines 4-12 - Government mandates Advance (Death) Care Planning consultation. Think Senior Citizens and end of life. END OF LIFE COUNSELING. SOME IN THE ADMINISTRATION HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED RATIONING HEALTH CARE FOR THE ELDERLY.
• Sec. 1233, Pg 425, Lines 17-19 - Government WILL instruct and consult regarding living wills and durable powers of attorney. Mandatory end-of-life planning!
• Sec. 1233, Pg 425-426, Lines 22-25, 1-3 - Government provides approved list of end of life resources, guiding you in death.
• Sec. 1233, Pg 427, Lines 15-24 - Government mandates program for orders for life-sustaining treatment (i.e. end of life). The government has a say in how your life ends.
• Sec. 1233, Pg 429, Lines 1-9 - An "advanced care planning consult" will be used as patient’s health deteriorates.
• Sec. 1233, Pg 429, Lines 10-12 - "Advanced Care Consultation" may include an ORDER for end of life plans – from the government.
• Sec. 1233, Pg 429, Lines 13-25 – The government will specify which Doctors (professional authority under state law includes Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants) can write an end of life order.
• Sec. 1233, Pg 430, Lines 11-15 - The government will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life according to pre-set methods (not individually decided).
• Sec. 1302, Pg 468, Lines 16-21 - "Community Based Home Medical Services means a non-profit community-based of state-based organization."

• Sec. 1302, Pg 472, Lines 14-17 - PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATION: One monthly payment to a community-based organization. Like ACORN?
• Sec. 1308, Pg 489 - The government will cover Marriage and Family therapy. This will involve government control of your marriage.
• Sec. 1308, Pg 494-498 - The government will cover Mental Health Services including: defining, creating and rationing those services.
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 502 - Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research Established. Big Brother is watching how your treatment works.
• Sec. 1401, Pg 503, Lines 13-19 – The government will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic medical records. "The Center may secure directly from any department or agency of the United States information necessary to enable it to carry out this section."
• Sec. 1401, Pg 503, Lines 21-25 - The government may secure data directly from any department or agency of the US including your data.
• Sec. 1401, Pg 503, Lines 21-25 - The "Center" will collect data both "published and unpublished" (that means public & your private information).
• Sec. 1401, Pg 506, Lines 19-21 - An "Appointed Clinical Perspective Advisory Panel" will advise The Center and recommend policies that would allow for public access of data.
• Sec. 1401, Pg 518, Lines 21-25 - The Commission will have input from HC consumer representatives.
• Sec. 1411, Pg 524, Lines 18-22 - Establishes the "Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund." More taxes for ALL.
• Sec. 1441, Pg 621, Lines 20-25 – The government will define "NEW Quality" measures in HC. Since when does government know about quality?
• Sec. 1442, Pg 622, Lines 2-9 - To pay for the Quality Standards, government will transfer money from "qualified entities" (government Trust Funds) to other government Trust

• Sec. 1442, Pg. 624, Lines 19-23 - Qualified Entities: "The Secretary shall ensure that the entity is a public, nonprofit or academic institution with technical expertise in the area of health quality measurement."
• Sec. 1442, Pg 623, Lines 5-10 - "Quality" measures shall be designed to assess outcomes and functional status of patients.
• Sec. 1442, Pg 623, Lines 15-17 - "Quality" measures shall be designed to profile you including race, age, gender, place of residence, etc.
• Sec. 1443, Pg 628 The government will give "Multi-Stake Holders" pre-rulemaking input into selection of "quality" measures.
• Sec. 1443, Pg 630-31. Lines 9-24, 1-9—Those Multi-Stake Holder groups include. Unions and groups like ACORN deciding what constitutes quality.
• Sec. 1444, Pg 632, Lines 14-25 - The government may implement any "Quality measure" of HC services as that bureaucrats see fit.
• Sec. 1444, Pg 632-333, 14-25, 1-9 - The Secretary may issue non-endorsed "Quality Measures" for physician and dialysis services.
• Sec. 1251 (beginning), Pg 634 to 652 - "Physician Payments Sunshine Provision" – government wants to shine sunlight on Doctors but not government. "Reports on financial relationships between manufacturers and distributors . . . and between physicians and other health care entities."
• Sec. 1501 (beginning), Pg 659-670 - Doctors in Residency – government will tell you where your residency will be, thus where you’ll live.
• Sec. 1503 (beginning), Pg 675-685 - government will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residency programs, including teaching hospitals.
• Sec. 1601 (beginning), Pg 685-699 - Increased funding to fight waste, fraud, and abuse. (Like the government with an $18 million website?)
• Sec. 1619, Pgs 700-703 - If your part of HC plan isn’t in the government’s HC Exchange, but you qualify for federal aid, you don’t have to pay.
• Sec. 1128G, Pg 704-708 - If the Secretary determines there is a "significant risk of fraudulent activity," on HC provider or supplier, the government can do a background check.

• Sec. 1632, Pg 710, Lines 8-14 - The Secretary has broad powers to deny HC providers and suppliers admittance into HC Exchange. Your doctor could be thrown out of business.
• Sec. 1637, Pg 718-719 - ANY Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home medical services are REQUIRED to be enrolled in, or eligible for, Medicare.
• Sec. 1639, Pg 721 - Government MANDATES that Doctors must have face to face with patient to certify patient for home health services.
• Sec. 1639, Pg 723-24, Lines 23-25, 1-5—The same government certifications will apply to Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s health plan: Your kids).
• Sec. 1640, Pg 723, Lines 16-22 – The government reserves right to apply face to face certification for patient to ANY other HC service.
• Sec. 1651, Pg 734, Lines 16-25 - Proposes, for law enforcement sake, that the Secretary of HHS will give Attorney General access to ALL medical data.
• Sec. 1701 (beginning), Pg 739-756 – The government sets guidelines for subsidizing the uninsured (and you have to pay for them).
• Sec. 1704, Pg 756-761 – The government will shift burden of payments to Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) to states (your taxes).
• Sec. 1711, Pg 764 The government will require preventative services - including vaccinations (no choice).
• Sec. 1713, Pg 768 – Government-determined Nurse Home Visitation Services (Hello union paybacks).
• Sec. 1713, Pg 768, Lines 3-5—Nurse Home Visit Services – Service #1: "Improving maternal or child health and pregnancy outcomes or increasing birth intervals between pregnancies." Compulsory ABORTIONS?
• Sec. 1713, Pg 768, Lines 11-14 - Nurse Home Visit Services include determinations of economic self-sufficiency, employment advancement and school-readiness.
• Sec. 1714, Pg 769 - Federal government mandates eligibility for State Family Planning Services. Abortion and government control intertwined.

• Sec. 1733, Pg 788-798 - government will set and mandate drug prices, therefore controlling which drugs are brought to market. (Goodbye innovation and private research.)
• Sec. 1744, Pgs 796-799 - Establishes PAYMENTS for graduate medical education. The government will now control your doctor’s education.
• Sec.1751, Pg 800 Sec 1751 - The government will decide which Health Care conditions will be paid. Say "RATION!"
• Sec. 1759, Pg 809 - Billing Agents, clearinghouses, or other alternate payees are required to register. The government takes over private payment systems too.
• Sec. 1801, Pg 819-823 – The Government will identify individuals "likely to be ineligible" for subsidies. Will access all personal financial information.
• Sec. 1802, Pg 823-828 - Government sets up Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund. Another bottomless tax pit.
• Sec. 4375, Pg 828-832, Lines 12-16 - Government will impose a fee on ALL private health insurance plans including self-insured to pay for Trust Fund!
• Sec. 4377, Pg 835, Lines 11-13 - Fees imposed by government for Trust Fund shall be treated as if they were taxes.
• Sec. 440, Pg 837-839 – The government will design and implement Home Visitation Program for families with young kids and families that are expecting children.
• Sec. 1904, Pg 843-844—This Home Visitation Program includes the government coming into your house and teaching/telling you how to parent!
• Sec. 2002, Pg 858 – The government will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of $88,800,000,000 (That’s Billions).
• Sec. 2201, Pg 864 - The government will MANDATE the establishment of a National Health Service Corps. o Sec. 2201 - "Fulfillment of Obligated Service Requirement"
o Sec. 2201, Pg 864-875 - The NHS Corps is a program where Doctors perform mandatory HC for 2 years for partial loan repayment.
• Sec. 2212, Pg 875-891 - The government takes over the education of Medical students and Doctors through education and loans.

• Sec. 340L, Pg 897 - The government will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps to ensure an adequate supply of public health professionals.
• Sec. 340L, Pg 897 - The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of civilian employees of the United States as Secretary deems necessary.
• Sec. 340L, Pg 897 - The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of officers of Regular and Reserve Corps of Service.
• Sec. 340M, Pg 899 - The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians. Will animals have heath care, too?
• Sec.2233, Pg 909 - The government will develop, build and run Public Health Training Centers.
• Sec. 2241, Pg 912-913 - Government starts a HC affirmative action program under the guise of diversity scholarships.
• Sec. 2251, Pg 915 - Government MANDATES cultural and linguistic competency training for HC professionals.
• Sec. 3111, Pg 931 - The government will establish a Preventative and Wellness Trust fund, with initial cost of $30,800,000,000 (Billions more).
• Sec. 3121, Pg 934, Lines 21-22 - Government will identify specific goals and objectives for prevention and wellness activities. More control of your life.
• Sec. 3121, Pg 935, Line 1-2 The government will develop "Healthy People & National Public Health Performance Standards." They will tell us what to eat?
• Sec. 3131, Pg 942, Lines 22-25 - "Task Force on Community Preventive Services," More government? Under the Offices of Surgeon General, Public Health Services, Minority Health and Women’s Health.
• Sec. 3141, Pg 949-979 - BIG GOVERNMENT core public health infrastructure includes workforce capacity, lab systems, health information systems, etc.
• Sec. 2511, Pg 992 - Government will establish school based "health" clinics. Your children will be indoctrinated and your grandchildren may be aborted!

• Sec. 399Z-1, Pg 993 - School Based Health Clinics will be integrated into the school environment. More government brainwashing in school.
• Sec. 2521, Pg 1000 - The government will establish a National Medical Device Registry. Will you be tracked?

I guess we have seen enough for one day.

Eric Wilson is an insurance agent in the Chicago area, he can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you really want the govenment running our health care system

I have talked before about the lengthy health care bill that has been proposed. The bill health care reform or HR 3200. There are a lot of "fundamental rights you will loose under this bill. Well here are some of the key issues you should be concerned with, if you get a copy of the bill, here is what pages to read. If you do not, here are the highlights...
Pg 16. Individual Health Plans will be outlawed after the "grandfather clause" has expired. Which means as soon as your premium rates go up and you decide to shop elsewhere to lower your rates. You will not be able to purchase another individual health insurance plan since they will not be compliant with the new bill. Forcing you in to the "public option".
Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Govt will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!
Pg 30 Sec 123 of HC bill - THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benefits you get
PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill - HC will be provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwisePg 58HC Bill - Govt will have real-time access to individual’s finances & a National ID Healthcard will be issued!
Pg 59 HC Bill lines 21-24 Govt will have direct access to your banks accts for electronic funds transfer
PG 102 Lines 12-18 HC Bill - Medicaid Eligible Individuals. will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid.. No choice
PG 265 Sec 1131 Govt mandates & controls productivity for private HC industries
PG 425 Lines 4-12 Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consult. Think Senior Citizens end of life
Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Govt will instruct & consult regarding living wills, durable powers of atty. Mandatory!
PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides approved list of end of life resources, guiding you in death
PG 427 Lines 15-24 Govt mandates program for orders for end of life. The Govt has a say in how your life ends
Pg 429 Lines 1-9 An “advance care planning consult” will be used frequently as patients health deteriorates

PG 429 Lines 10-12 “advance care consultation” may include an ORDER for end of life plans." AN ORDER from GOVTPG 430
Eric Wilson is an insurance broker in the Chicago area. He specializes in health and life insurance for small businesses and the self-employed. He can be reached at 888-448-5370 or online at

Monday, July 20, 2009

What is the rush for this health care bill

So I was out of town last week. My parents are non stop FOX and MSNBC watchers, so it was all I could do not to watch it. Then I catch, they are sending a 1000 page bill to congress. That they want voted on by the August recess. Shocking the CBA ( the bi-partican fincancial analysis group) stating that the costs is too high and will still leave too many uninsured. This by the way is the SECOND time that they have said this.

Oh and by the way I did read some of it. The government states that you can keep your insurance if you like it, but in the bill burried on page 16 was a clause that it would not be legal to sell private insurance. So that means you can keep what you have, but you cannot shop any more. Now I am not the best at reading these things, and perhaps I am biased, OK I AM BIASED as it affects my livlihood. But if the government steps in here and puts together a private plan similar to mediacare for all, you will see some issues.

The medicare system is not flawless, as you need a mediacare supplement to cover all of the GAPS in mediacare. So will the private plan have those gaps as well?? Also Medicare pays doctors and hospitals about 20% less that private insurance. Does that mean doctors have to see 20% more patients to make the same income?? If so, what kind of treatment will you get??
Also, I am going to get on my capitlist high horse here. In the movie starring Danny Devito called "OTHER PEOPLES MONEY" He makes a comment, I am going to paraphrase for my younger readers. He said if the was stating if he could not buy a stock ( substitute insurance), in a free market a so called free country, it messes up capitalism. You know what happens when capitalism gets messed up? The Communist come back, don't kid yourself, they are out there.
Ok I am done with movies now, but do you see where I am going.
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Thanks for reading

Friday, June 19, 2009

45 millioin uninsured? THE FACTS

Ok, since my last blog a week or so ago, I had the time to do some research on the 45 Million uninsured Americans. The facts are stunning.

With the help of the US Census Bureau, I compiled the following information. I hope our government takes a look.

17 million live in households earning more than $50,000. I am sure a great many of these qualify for insurance medically, but choose not to purchase. ( that is 38% of the American unisured)
9 million live in households earning over $75,000 ( that is 20% of the American uninsured)

18 million of the uninsured are in the age bracket of 18-34, the youngster who are healthy, I use the term "think they are bullet proof". If nothing else feel they are healthy and have no need for insurance. ( that is 40% of uninsured America)

There are about 15 million who are eligible for Medicaid and SCHIP ( State Comprehensive Insurance Programs). These are people who meet the level of income to qualify for assistance through the government.

My studies show that of the UNINSURED AMERICA, less than 15 million Americans do not medically qualify for insurance. This is the section the government should be concerned with insuring. That is where they should invest the money.

Just my thoughts of the week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

45 Million Unisured Americans?????

We keep hearing from our government that there are 45 million uninsured Americans. I guess that is true. What they are not saying in these figures is how many of them choose to be unisured and how many are uninsurable. I was reading a publication recently that said that number includes the illegal immigrants in the 45 million. Now I do not know if that is true or false, but for the moment let's as it is. Let's also say that is 10 million, so now we are down to 35 million. How many people out there think they do not need insurance, just do not want to pay for it. I again do not have the numbers, but I do speak with prospects every day, who tell me they cannot afford that. I spoke to a prospect today, who I have been working with for over two years. He has a painting company, I do not know if his wife works or not, they have no children. He is 38 years old his wife is 30. His painting business is up and down ( like most people's small business). I could get him a quality health plan for him and his wife for under $200 per month, about $25 per week per person. He says he cannot swing it. Ok, but he is in the 45 million unisured. If he had a corporate job, his benefits would probably cost at least that much, so would he have taken their benefits?? Probably not! I talk to prospects like this every day. To get back to the math of this, Let's say that half of the remaining uninsureds choose to be uninsured, a lot of recent college graduates, and some small business fall in this group. That might take care of another 17 million or so. Now we are only looking at 17 million who cannot get insurance. Now maybe the numbers are off, but if the amount of UNINSURABLE people is even 25 million, that is a big difference than the 45-47 million that we keep hearing we have to cover.

Again here is the answer....

Make it like your auto insurance as in most states it is required!! Now the 10-17 million who could have insurance as they are healthy, begin to purchase plans, that could offset the costs of the "uninsurables". If we did this, we could accomplish the goal of having everyone have health care.

In Massachusetts, they have instituted a policy similar to this. I have some friends who broker products up there, they sell a lot of very high deductible plans, sometimes as much as $10,000. That is higher than I would like to see, but I guess in car and home insurance terms maybe not so bad.

The point is, if you had to have it, there would be enough healthy people in the pool to pay for the sick.

We do not need government run health care, we need the government to pass a law making in mandatory. This also would help the hospitals who do not turn away someone who is uninsured. Hospitals have many cases where they do not get paid for their services. That is unfair to any business especially a one who is in the business of saving lives.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Health Care Revamp- The Government is missing the Concept

Yes, we need to change the Health System in America. But the Government is going about it all wrong. The first problem we keep saying provide affordable health care for all. Are health insurance and health care the same?? As I define it, health care is the care we get when we go to doctors and hospitals, insurance is what helps us pay for it. So everyone says health insurance costs too much. Well if the HEALTH CARE costs less, so will the insurance.
The other phrase that I cannot get my head around is We keep reading that there are 46 million Americans that are uninsured. Now how many of them are Medically uninsured, and how many have chosen not to be insured? I would bet the number of "chosens" would be a very high number.

So here is the fix...

The first thing is we require everyone to have health insurance, kind of like your car insurance. The next thing is we take more of a "jiffy lube" approach to health insurance. What I mean by that is, your car insurance does not pay for oil changes or tire rotations or a new set of tires, but we expect our health insurance to pay for all of our doctor visits.

Let's eliminate that part of the plan. Have your insurance pay for ONE wellness visit per year, and the baby well visits. If you get the flu, you pay for it. This will keep people from abusing the system and running to the doctor for a "hang nail". It might also might give Americans more incentive to keep themselves healthier, knowing that going to the doctors monthly might get expensive.

If Everyone has to have insurance, Insurers would be able to insure everyone, perhaps with a higher premium for those with pre-existings, but if insurers are not paying for a lot of unneccessary tests, we might be able to reduce costs all the way around.

Thank you for reading.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

All Health Insurance Plans Are Not Created Equal

What is important to you when looking for your health insurance?? I work with almost every carrier, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Illinos, American Community, Aetna, United Health Care and Guarantee Trust Life to name just a few.
I find it interesting while are are about the same, they all have their differences. When looking for a policy the price is only part of the equation. Some cover some pre-existing conditions, some exclude all pre-existings, some with exclude the pre-existing, but still pay for the medications. So if you have any pre-exisitings, these are things I can help my clients research.
American Community, will waive your deductible for an injury or an accident if treatment is taken care of within 30 days of the injury. United Health Care has an enhancement rider to cover some injuries.

Prescription coverage varies, not only from company to company, but plan to plan. Blue Cross,Blue Shield of Illinos, the coverage on prescriptions also varies by what deductible you choose. Some companies only cover generic drugs.

Some plans cover only catestrophic losses, while others cover doctor visits with a co-pay. Many only cover doctor visits after you pay the deductible. Often times there are limits to how much is covered at a doctor visit or a limit on number of visits to the doctors office.

There is a lot to know or to consider when searching for a health insurance plan for your family. My job is to assist you in finding the one that is right for you.

Eric Wilson is a health insurance broker, covering the midwest. He can be reached toll free at 888-448-5370. You can visit him online at

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tough economic times... Don't cancel your health insurance

So we are in the "R" word. That's right we are now officially in a recession. Many are out of work. What do you do about your health insurance. Many people try to go without insurance. You are entitled to COBRA, which allows you to keep your corporate benefits at your expense. Where people get confused on this is they are accostomed to their company paying for most of it. Now you assume the entire cost, plus a 4% administrative fee. Now this is an expensive option. If you have some pre-existing conditions it might be your best option. If you do not have and "pre-existings" you have several options.

1) Temporary Insurance- Temporary insurance is good if you are between jobs. They are normally catestrophic in nature so there are no doctor visits, but you are protected against the "big one". They are normally good for six months. They expire at that time so you then either need to look for a new one or some of them can be renewed for an additional six months.

2) Individual Health Plans- These are becoming more common. They were originally designed for the Self-Employed, but now with many companies cutting back on health insurance. More and more people are being attracted to them. Here is the great thing about these plans, you never have to worry about loosing your health insurance if you loose your job. You are not "married to your job" because of the benefits. Now you do have to medically qualify for most of these plans, but they can be taylored often times to meet your needs.
3) Guarantee issue plans. There are some of these out there, but be careful. There are a lot of "discount plans" out there. They are NOT INSURANCE, and are not sold by licensed insurance producers. There is very limited benefits in these types or plans. There are some very good Gurantee issue plans on the market. My favorite is from the American Medical and Life Insurance company ( They have a plan called AIM Health Plan. You can get details on that plan from my site at I have seen all of those plans, and it is probably the best one on the market.

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