Thursday, May 14, 2009

Health Care Revamp- The Government is missing the Concept

Yes, we need to change the Health System in America. But the Government is going about it all wrong. The first problem we keep saying provide affordable health care for all. Are health insurance and health care the same?? As I define it, health care is the care we get when we go to doctors and hospitals, insurance is what helps us pay for it. So everyone says health insurance costs too much. Well if the HEALTH CARE costs less, so will the insurance.
The other phrase that I cannot get my head around is We keep reading that there are 46 million Americans that are uninsured. Now how many of them are Medically uninsured, and how many have chosen not to be insured? I would bet the number of "chosens" would be a very high number.

So here is the fix...

The first thing is we require everyone to have health insurance, kind of like your car insurance. The next thing is we take more of a "jiffy lube" approach to health insurance. What I mean by that is, your car insurance does not pay for oil changes or tire rotations or a new set of tires, but we expect our health insurance to pay for all of our doctor visits.

Let's eliminate that part of the plan. Have your insurance pay for ONE wellness visit per year, and the baby well visits. If you get the flu, you pay for it. This will keep people from abusing the system and running to the doctor for a "hang nail". It might also might give Americans more incentive to keep themselves healthier, knowing that going to the doctors monthly might get expensive.

If Everyone has to have insurance, Insurers would be able to insure everyone, perhaps with a higher premium for those with pre-existings, but if insurers are not paying for a lot of unneccessary tests, we might be able to reduce costs all the way around.

Thank you for reading.

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