Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More on health care reform

As you can imagine, I follow the health care reform issues very closely. I probably read no less than 5 articles per day and sometimes more. Here is a big one that has surfaced over the last week. Advocates of Government run health care believe that Americans get too many Mammograms, and in the health care bill that recently passed the Senate vote, it states that no benefits will be paid for Mammograms for women under age 50. This is on the PUBLIC OPTION only, all health insurance companies, still say they will continue to cover these expenses.

What is being missed here is that in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and the reformers do not seem to realize is that America has the highest cancer survival rates in the world. As far as this writer and voter can see, SCREENING SAVES LIVES.

The other major issue with the health care bill ( there are many issues, but one that is not being talked about, is that they say you can keep your current insurance. What they do not tell you, is written on page 92, is that it will not be legal to purchase private insurance. Therefore, if your private carrier increases your premium, you have two choices, pay the premium or go to the government option.

Call your Congressmen or Congresswomen and tell them this is wrong.

Eric Wilson is an insurance agent in the Chicago area.